June 5, 2016


Fortunately, glaucoma can be treated if diagnosed early. There are a variety of treatment options that are safe and effective at protecting vision. However, if not caught, this disease can cause permanent vision loss.

Eye drops: Eye drops reduce the formation of fluid in the front of the eye or increase its outflow.

Microsurgery: Microsurgery involves creating a new channel to drain the fluid, thereby reducing intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma.

Laser surgery: Laser surgery for glaucoma slightly increases the outflow of the fluid from the eye in open-angle glaucoma or eliminates fluid blockage in angle-lasersurgery-150x150closure glaucoma.

Drainage implants: Drainage implant surgery consists of a doctor inserting a small silicone tube in your eye to help drain aqueous humor.

New Technologies: There are a number of minimally invasive treatments which are beginning to establish themselves as viable alternative to traditional therapies. (http://www.glaucoma.org/treating/advances.php)