June 5, 2016


In Autumn of 2007, a group of high school started the Vision for Vision club. We formed this organization to truly make a difference in our community by preventing the condition of blindness from devastating the lives of so many at-risk individuals every year. We had decided to take our textbook knowledge about the vision process and transform it into a practical and necessary service for the community.Now, by collaborating with ophthalmologist offices, we present at senior centers and community centers to inform at-risk groups of the importance of annual eye exams. We educate people about MediCare’s initiative to provide free eye examinations to at risk individuals and participating ophthalmologist’s offices. In this way, we hope to encourage people to become tested for glaucoma, before the unknowingly succumb to the disease.Our organization’s title “Vision for Vision” reflects our mission to educate people to take care of their vision before it is too late.


Our Mission

To spread awareness about treatable eye diseases such as glaucoma, and provide any assistance we can to ensure that at-risk individuals for these diseases get tested and treated before their vision is lost.Our VisionTo ensure that everyone can enjoy their precious gift of vision throughout their entire life. Vision is an essential skill to live an enjoyable and productive life, and we would like to see that no one has that opportunity stolen from them by a preventable disease.